Winter sports and the essential tech gadgets

Rock Climbing may take a back seat to your outdoor activities during the winter so now’s the time to hit the slopes…

When you hit the ski shop to equip yourself for the best snowboarding and mountain ski experience, you may be thinking about the right gear to wear, but the latest tech has brought a number of gadgets to most shopping lists, too. After all, the slopes might not be the best place for using a smartphone, but that doesn’t mean that mobile devices don’t have any place at all in a ski experience. They can not only enhance the experience, but they can also provide an important safety feature in case you ever need to call for help.

This is true whether you’re away with some good friends or if you’re taking your children on a kids snowboard adventure. Some of the best snowboarding and ski gadgets are the ones that will help you to remember your trip and keep yourself safe at the same time.

In terms of safety, a smartphone can help you to find the other people in your party if you are ever separated from them, and they can help you to contact emergency responders if you suffer an accident. In fact, once you call, your mobile device can also help those responders to be able to locate you more quickly and easily than might be possible if you didn’t have any gadgets on you.

outdoor gadgets for skiing

Of course, not all mobile devices are smartphones. On an increasing basis, people are using wearable digital cameras, like the GoPro, to be able to record their best snowboarding moves from their own perspectives. That can make for some exciting videos and some amazing memories that you’ll be able to edit and save to watch again in the future.

There are a few things that you’ll need to bring with you to make sure that all these mobile gadgets actually perform the way you want them to. For example, keep your phone safe from moisture by sealing it in a plastic zipper bag. Touchscreens will work through the plastic, so this will keep them from getting wet and damaged from snowy mittens or even from being dropped in the snow.

You’ll also want to make sure you can store your rechargeable battery operated devices in a warm pocket that will expose them to your body heat, as much as possible. The colder batteries get, the shorter their life spans. To that end, you might also want to bring a great external battery charger that will let you recharge your device from the comfort of your own pocket. That way, no matter how long you stay out and enjoy yourself on the slopes, your device will never run out of charge.


Enjoying the outdoors while staying connected

Whether you’re going to spend your Christmas break with world travel, at a unique winter camp adventure or simply staying home, there are some great things that you can do to make sure that you can stay connected, despite the cold weather.

Anyone who has ever tried to go Christmas light watching on a freezing winter night knows that all the cute winter mittens in the world won’t keep your battery from rapidly draining if you decide to bring your smartphone with you and then use it when it’s anything but warm. Fortunately, there are some great things that you can do to keep your smartphone battery charged while still enjoying the great outdoors in the chilly Christmas break.

Use these tips to keep your smartphone battery ready when you need it:

  • Don’t leave your smartphone in the car – even if you just plan to run into a coffee shop to pick up a gingerbread latte or a candy cane hot chocolate, bring your device with you. While you are in the car, make sure your phone is in the cabin with you and not in the trunk. The trunk isn’t heated and freezing weather doesn’t take any time to fill the whole car – especially when you’ve opened the door to get out. Freezing temperatures will suck the life out of a battery, can damage a screen and can even cause internal components to freeze up.
  • Be gentle with the touchscreen – these screens are quite sensitive so it’s a good idea to keep your phone in a pocket inside your coat with the screen facing your body. That will help it to stay warm. Your purse may not be enough on especially frigid days.Smartphone battery outdoors winter camp
  • Let the device warm up before using it – if your phone does get cold, don’t rush to use it. You can actually prevent damage from happening in many cases if you warm a cold device before trying to restart it or power it up. If you attempt to restart a cold phone, you risk hurting the battery’s lifespan and you might cause more damage to the device.
  • Keep an external battery charger with you – even when you’ve done all you can to keep your device from freezing, it can still cause the battery to drain faster when it is colder than its ideal. Keep a portable battery charger on hand so that you can charge up your device and continue to use it.

Rock climbing preparation and equipment tips

Rock Climbing GearDiscover the techniques you need to ensure a safe and thrilling climbing adventure.

While there is no question that rock climbing is an incredible physical activity for anyone who is looking for an exciting experience that is challenging, fun, and rewarding, you need to make sure you are well prepared for the task you will face.

Being prepared is key to your success and your enjoyment when you rock climb.

You need to be prepared in both body and mind. In terms of physical preparedness, this doesn’t only mean practicing rock climbing on indoor walls, but also warming up your body before climbing. This sport is physically demanding on your entire body. As such, you need to know how to properly balance your weight as you climb to ensure that you are not placing any undue strain on any particular muscles or joints. Likewise, you need to mentally ready yourself for this exercise. Concentration, focus, problem solving, and being alert is essential for a safe and successful climb.

Following the rules and understanding the importance of equipment will help you reach your rock climbing goal.

Warming up before you participate in a rock climb and having the right mental focus are not the only ways you can prepare yourself for this sport. It is also prudent to familiarize yourself with the safety rules. Every year, many climbers suffer injuries that have resulted from either not knowing the proper precautionary regulations or not following them. There is already enough natural risk associated with rock climbing, don’t add lack of knowledge or a disregard for the rules to the list when they can be easily avoided.

The proper rock climbing gear is also necessary. The precise equipment that you will require depends on where you will be climbing. That said, there are some basic types of equipment that are fundamental for rock climbers. Make sure you have quality items including a helmet, proper rock climbing shoes, a durable bag, and chalk. In addition, you’ll want to wear light clothing that will allow you to move quickly and easily.

Remember, if rock climbing is your passion; don’t look for the cheapest gear you can find. Invest in quality equipment that will last and keep you safe.

Rock climbing tips for beating the summer heat

Getting the most out of your favorite sport means preparing for the season.

As with any sport, from walking to baseball, equipment that is appropriate to the season and the weather is one of the most important rock climbing tips that you’ll ever use.

The right gear and clothing are vital to your comfort as well as your safety while you’re outdoors.

We are now deep into the summer months and you need to be able to overcome problems with heat and humidity, such as hydration, keeping cool, and even sweat. To make sure that you are buying the right products for your own experience, make sure to use the following rock climbing tips for summertime:Rock Climbing Tips

• Try before you buy – Don’t just purchase something because it looks good. Try it out. Whether that means trying it on or picking it up and handling it, you need to get a better idea of what it can provide than simply looking at a picture or an item in a package.

• Understand the technical elements of your clothing – Remember that when you’re out on a climb, you may not have any shelter at all. This could mean that you are in direct sunlight and heat the entire time, possibly with no breeze to cool you down. Know where you’re going and which way you’ll be facing so you can dress appropriately.

• Get to know how moisture and heat will affect you – When your body is too warm, you will sweat in order to cool yourself down. This can either be helpful or it can cause a moisture buildup in your clothes that will stop heat from being conducted away from your body. It can also be harder to move in wet clothing, and it can make surfaces slipperier than they need to be. You need to know that your clothing breathes and dries quickly.

• Choose your fabrics wisely – Natural fabrics are the preference of many climbers, though they do have some disadvantages when compared to synthetics, too. Cotton, for example, is a terrific hot weather fabric. It can help your body to eliminate heat very effectively. Some modern fabrics are effective to help wick away moisture and dry quickly. Though these fabrics will be dampened by heavy sweating, they will dry out quickly again. Short sleeved shirts and comfortable shorts are ideal for the hottest days.

• Consider a windproof shell – Even on warmer summer days, you might enjoy a windproof, well vented, quick drying shell that you can weak in case it’s windy, but peel off and store if the wind dies down. Layering is among the most important rock climbing tips.


Rock Climbing News

Five Ten Climbing ShoesRock Climbing NewsAdidas Group has just announced its signing of a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of one of the top outdoor action sports performance brands, Five Ten.

Adidas Group plans to purchase Five Ten in its entirety, including the complete Five Ten USA share capital that has been issued. All told, the complete purchase at closing, with contingent payments, will be for $25 million. This, assuming that the brand will be capable of reaching certain performance goals within the upcoming three years. The purchase of the brand itself will likely close within the next two weeks.

Adidas Group also anticipates that, based on organic growth, by 2015, its outdoor segment  which includes their climbing gear sales will be greater than €500, according to a portion of the company’s Strategic Business Plan Route 2015. By acquiring Five Ten, the company will have boosted its ability to reach this target, and will position itself as a top player in the global outdoor marketplace.

According to senior vice president Rolf Reinschmidt, of Adidas Outdoor, they are quite pleased to be coming together with Five Ten. He explained that “Five Ten has continuously been at the forefront of innovations and shares the same passion for athletes as we do at Adidas.” He also added that the brand offers a high quality addition to the Adidas Outdoor offerings, and will make it possible for them to widen the market segments that complement these products.

Reinschmidt stated that by acquiring Five Ten, it underlines the company’s dedication to the outdoors and their drive to be a top player in the future of that industry.

Rock climbing can help you rise above fall weight gain

BoulderingWe all know that it’s going to happen: every fall, those extra pounds will slowly start to make their way back onto our bodies after a summer of light eating and regular activity. This year, let rock climbing keep you active and healthy, to prevent that layer of fat from returning over the winter.

Keeping active with an activity such as rock climbing is helpful in a number of ways. Not only does it keep you looking your best, but it means that you will be healthy both physically and mentally. This is especially important in the winter months when we’re prone to covering up with bulkier clothing and spend a lot of time indoors. With less sunlight, it’s easy to get the blues during this time of year, too.

Use the following steps to keep yourself happy and fit throughout the fall season:

• Don’t plan to stay in the gym all season – the gym may be great for some workouts, but a fresh environment and a change in activity is key to keeping yourself motivated. Weekly rock climbing can be just the ticket to stop you from skipping your daily exercise.

• Buy the right equipment – when you’re prepared with everything that you need, and you know that it works properly without frustration,Indoor Rock Climbing Gym then you will be more inclined to get out there and take part in the sport, instead of avoiding it because it’s too much bother.

• Give your fitness wardrobe a makeover – make sure that you feel good in the clothing you wear when you’re rock climbing. They should be both functional and attractive, so that they work well with the sport, but you don’t feel ugly wearing them. By the way, this is the best time to find discount climbing gear – there are so many deals to be had!

• Find a great location – make sure that the rocks you climb are enjoyable. In warmer months, it’s a lot easier to find a natural rock climbing location. In the winter, find a rock climbing gym that specializes in the sport so that you can be assured an authentic feel to the experience.

Climbing Harness Maintenance 101

Climbing Harness Article

A climbing harness is an essential part of climbing gear. It
aids in the climb and provides security and protection when ascending or
rappelling. Proper harness care is important to keep it in good condition
because the last thing you want is for your harness to malfunction while you’re
half way up the rock face.

There are a few things you can do to ensure the harness is
in working order:


  • Visually inspect the harness to see if there are
    any signs of wear and tear. Any signs of abrasion or advanced deterioration are
    what you’re looking for. Inspecting is a good way to prevent further damage and
    keep you away from unnecessary risk.
  • Properly clean the harness. Wash in warm water
    to remove dirt and grime using mild hand soap. Hang to dry away from sunlight –
    sunlight can weaken the fibers in the straps – and inspect the harness again
    for signs of fraying.
  • Do not use chemicals or liquids containing
    bleach or acids when cleaning the harness as this can severely weaken its
  • If there are any signs of wearing, be sure to
    replace the harness as soon as possible. Avoid climbing with a damaged harness.


Harnesses are quite resilient. It
is recommended that you replace your harness after two years of regular use. If
you have had frequent falls, it is a good idea to replace the harness sooner.
Falling puts a lot of strain on the harness and will contribute to weakening
the harness sooner.

Making sure all your climbing
gear is well maintained and cared for is important for a safe and successful
climb. All gear can be damaged and keeping track of this will keep you out of
harm’s way.

Don’t Miss The Red Rock Rendezvous 2011 in Vegas!

The Red Rock Rendezvous will be held on March 18 to 20 of this year at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area located on the western parts of Las Vegas.
Red Rock Canyon Climbing in Las Vegas
This event is annually conducted and is open to all climbers – from beginners to experts, all levels of abilities accommodated. Only the first 1000 climbers who registered will be accommodated. Early registration is then recommended since there is a limitation on the slots for the participants.

The three-day event will include several activities that will not just involve climbing. The climbing and clinics will be done at Red Rocks at the cliffs that are located in that area. Meanwhile, the other planned activities will be conducted at the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park which is located near Red Rocks.

For the festival, there will be climbing clinics and demos which is a great learning opportunity especially for beginners. There will also be seminars that will be done by the sponsors of the event. Competitions will be held, along with the showing of a movie and a slideshow. Saturday night will be a big party for all the participants, with a pancake breakfast to follow the next morning. Along with that will be mountain biking and trail running clinics.

The proceeds of the said event will be given to several organizations including the American Alpine Club, The Access Fund, Friends of Red Rock Canyon and the American Safe Climbing Association. The sponsors are The North Face and Mountain Gear.

If you want to learn more about this said event, and if you would like to register, visit the website at

State Parks Need Financial Help

Old Man of the Mountain Before Collapse in 2003OUTDOOR NEWS: State parks are among the most affected by the recent economic recession. Widening gaps in budget are forcing many states to make cuts to their parks and recreational departments in an effort to stay afloat in the current economy. In light of this, many state parks are reaching out for funding as federal money runs out.

While many states have had their funding cut for state parks, New Hampshire has never received any federal funding, relying completely on user fees to survive. New Hampshire is taking a bold step in looking to acquire corporate sponsorship from Eastern Mountain Sports. The agreement would consist of each group promoting the other, with Eastern Mountain Sports funding park projects.

Ted Austin, director of the states’ Division of Parks and Recreation, approached Eastern Mountain Sports last February.

“My rationale was simple,” says Austin. “Things you sell in your stores can be put to good use in our parks.”

The union could mean that park workers will be fitted with uniforms emblazoned with the company’s logo and the stores may incorporate promotional events for the state parks.

State parks are a rich habitat for wildlife. Should they lose the money they need to function, the land will be available for sale. As many of these parks are in favorable locations, corporations could buy up the land and to make shopping centers or other facilities, effectively destroying the eco-system once fostered by the park.

At this stage, the sponsorship of Eastern Mountain Sports is vital to the for New Hampshire’s parks and will provide a boon to the environment by ensuring that wildlife and plant life has a place to flourish will being admired by park goers.

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