Black Diamond Harness Reviewed

Black Diamond Momentum Harness Review
The Pros and Cons

There's lots of elements for and against the Black Diamond momentum harness. It is important and vital for you to understand these advantages and disadvantages well before purchasing. You'll want to fully understand these to be capable of making the correct final decision for you.

Advantages: Factors In Favor Of the Black Diamond Momentum Harness

1. The price is right! The value for this well made harness is huge and especially if you're just starting out because getting your climbing package together can be daunting to anyone’s check book. So stop sweating it and save some cash on this well made piece of gear today!
2. This one harness fits all occasions - For summer or winter climbing it serves well with its adjustable leg loops allowing for layering, it's perfect for "AL" season round fun. You can go from in-door climbing, wearing light clothes, to outdoor sweat shirt and jeans, with no worries due to the versatility of this harness.
One other good basis for purchasing is the adjustable loops also make for great use when you need the harness a little tighter or a little more slack to maneuver.
3. One more reason to like this piece of equipment is the name...Black Diamond quality gives you peace of mind. They've been making hard core outdoor gear since 1989 and our hopes that this will continue under a new regime...the company was just purchased this year by Clarus Corp in Connecticut.

Downsides: Reasons Against the Black Diamond Momentum Harness

1. Buckles are not the easiest to adjust but if you don’t plan on taking this on and off – this isn't much of an issue.
2. This reviewer personally likes the Black Diamond Big Guns harness due to its sturdy padding - this comfort can come in handy for those long climbing days.
3. Lastly, in listening to many reviews the only other negative found by some, not all, is the way the gear loops stick out. This climber has found this problem easy to solve with a snip here and a snip there!

So there you have it. We now have looked over and reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of this climbing harness. Overall this review gives the Black Diamond Momentum harness a thumbs up…it may not be suitable for everyone’s climbing needs but definitely does the job and does it well! Hopefully your final decision process is going to be aided greatly by the pro and con info presented here.