Discount Climbing Gear


As basic as rock climbing may seem, buying the necessary equipment and gear can put quite a dent in your wallet, so it is worth your while to know how to find discounts on these items without sacrificing their quality.

Many rock climbers find it frustrating that they are held back in the sport because they need the right gear to keep themselves protected, but can’t afford to purchase all of it at one time. Discount climbing gear is available in shops all over the internet. The key is to know how to find the right ones.

Begin by finding the right shoes for your climbing. They are the protection for your feet while you ascend, and are vital to being able to keep a grip on the surface so you don’t slip and fall. Beyond shoes, you’ll also require ropes, harnesses, carabiners, pulleys and ascenders, belay and descent devices, bouldering pads, chalk bags and chalk, and big wall equipment if you climb indoors.

The bill for all of those items can rapidly add up, so finding discounts to be able to buy your equipment at the best price can make a big difference in the final total.

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There are many different websites out there that sell rock climbing equipment at a discount, but you need to always remember that it’s only a deal if you are buying good quality gear at a reduced rate. Your climbing gear is what keeps you safe and – often – keeps you alive. You must always buy the best quality, even if there are alternatives from another unknown manufacturer that are available at a lower price.

Do your research into the products you want and then buy them on sale or off season, when the prices are at their lowest. Buy from brands you trust as well as reputable shops, so that you know that you can be confident in your purchase.



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